Exterior Painting

Nothing enhances the curb appeal and extends the useful life span of a house more than a good exterior paint job. Proper preparation and painting of your exterior is the best way to increase your home’s value and maintain your investment.

Selecting and using beautiful exterior colors allows you to express your personal style and fit in with your neighborhood. Choosing the right colors is the first order of business when planning to paint. It is best to choose colors that are in harmony with the architecture of your house and neighborhood.

At BY Paint, we understand that painting the exterior of your home is not an easy task and should be left to a professional painting company who specializes in exterior painting. Preparation is the key to a long lasting exterior paint job and our experienced painters in Phoenix take many steps to ensure a clean surface before applying any products. Our professional painters specialize in making your homes exterior look brand new by using high  products.

Exterior Painting Process
-Power wash the exterior of the home to remove all dirt, mildew and peeling paint.
-Scrape and Sand any necessary areas. Prime all bare wood.
-Replace or Repair any rotted exterior trim pieces like fascia, siding or wood trim.
-Protect all windows, furniture, brick and landscaping with plastic and drop cloths.
-Apply paints or stains by spraying or by brush.
-Final walk through with homeowner once the job is complete to ensure 100% satisfaction.
-Clean up and haul away.

Exterior Painting Services Include:
-Brick Painting
-Wood Painting
-Stucco Painting
-Siding Painting
-Front Door and Driveway Painting
-Deck and Fence Staining
-and more.
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Exterior Painting Process

There are many reasons to repaint a house: The color of the paint is faded; the paint is cracked or peeling; or you just want to change the color. Our external painting service follows a seven-step process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The prep work is 70% of the job. Unless handled properly, the final coat of paint will inevitably fail sooner than expected and cost the home owner additional dollars.

The Seven steps to a properly painted exterior are as follows:

We begin with a pressure wash to remove and prevent the growth of moss, mildew, also to remove dirt and grime.

We then scrape, sand, apply TSP (Tri-sodium Phosphate) and use of 45 year caulk on all surfaces where needed. Loose paint is removed and all bare wood is spot primed.

The next step is to mask and cover all surfaces not to be primed and painted.

Loose siding, trim and downspouts are re-nailed or re-strapped.

The first coat of paint is applied guarantees even paint coverage.

A second coat of paint is applied to all painted surfaces. This ensures a higher degree of color retention (5 year guarantee).

Inspection is the final step. Each job is inspection to make all areas are covered to the customer’s satisfaction.

Many Factors Should Be Considered When Planning Your Exterior Painting
Questions To Consider Include The Following:
What condition your Phoenix house in now and how much do you want to paint, all or some?
Is there wood rot or are there any other repairs that need to be made prior to the painting?
Is the house peeling?
What is on the trim currently, water based enamel or oil based enamel?