Top Eight Interior Paint Color Trends for 2019

2019 Interior Paint Color Trends

Color is the basis of any room decor and choosing the right colors can make or break your interior design. A fresh coat of paint can raise the energy in the room and make it feel vibrant or tone it down with another shade to bring a cozy, relaxed feeling. When choosing a color palette for your room, consider first if you want either a glossy, semi-gloss or matte finish. All three bring different looks to the colors with a glossy paint hue leaning towards brightening and matte inclining more towards a subtle, comfortable look. The following is a list of the hottest color trends this year and different ways to incorporate them into your space.


This soft, warm color has undertones of both orange and yellow with a creamy beige base. This is a great color to use as a secondary blending color to connect other primary colors in a room. Additionally, this paint color works in small spaces to help open up the room and make it feel larger. Adding a large mirror on a wall can expand this effect.

Gray Lilac

While dove gray remains a classic wall color, adding a touch of lilac purple to gray brings a brighter option to the traditional classic palette. The warmth brought in by the addition of the purple family boosting the eye-catching color. Ideal for accent walls, this color makes an excellent backdrop for showcasing wall art in plain black or white frames or anywhere in the home that needs a touch of warmth.

Hunter Green

A color making a return trip from the 1990s is hunter green. As this dark, vibrant green absorbs light rather than reflects it, it fares best in larger rooms with wood furnishings and can work against a small room by making it feel closed in. This color continues to be a hallmark of traditional or rustic decor, and it performs well as an interior wall color to work as a bridge between window treatments and upholstery to carry a color scheme around the large room.

Soft Pastels

French country and coastal room designs pair well with muted pastel paint colors. Using the same color on all the walls in a room creates cozy unity in the decor while using a single wall as a complementary accent opens up and brightens a room. This color palette pops when paired with gray or hazelnut as a primary color and using the pastel shades as an accent. Stark black and white accents should be avoided.

Earthy Tones

Paint colors designed with tones of caramel or terra cotta lend a homey touch to any style decor. If your go-to look is Mid-Century Modern, you cannot go wrong with the incorporation of burnt orange into at least an accent wall in the room. Anywhere you put this color; whether you choose a single wall, backsplash in a kitchen or the whole room, it will brighten the space with its warm undertones.


The Blues

A vast range exists for color choices of interior paint in the blue family. Light, powdery blue evokes feelings of an unobstructed sky and confers an air of openness and space. Darker hues of blue have the potential to make a smaller room feel even smaller, but when used as a contrasting element to accent a single wall, they can call attention to framed photos, artworks or items displayed on tables in front of the wall as a backdrop for a focal point of your room decor.  Unless you love the nautical look, avoid pairing blues and whites or off-whites.

Yellow Gold and Canary

If your room decor style leans towards Modern or Mid-CenturyModern, you will find these two members of the yellow family pair well with the grays and browns in the interior design style. Either of these hues bring a pop of color to the room and can hold their own against busy patterns used in window treatment fabrics or upholstery. Soft shades of either pair well with soft grays as an accent in a modern-style decor.

Natural Bark

This interior paint hue is an updated version of the 1970s mushroom. It is between a gray and a brown and pairs well with light, earthy tones. This paint color works with both small and large spaces and lends a cozy touch to the overall decor. It stands up well to colors in the red family as well as another popular color for this year, hunter green. Black is a great go-to for painting trim or door frames for an eye-catching contrast.