The Outside of Your House Needs Painted When You See This

Signs Your Home is Trying to Tell You the Exterior Needs Painting


Property owners have two main choices with the exterior of their homes. They can choose to add siding or paint the exterior. While siding has its benefits, it also locks you into a single color choice and requires upkeep and maintenance. Painting the exterior of your home allows you to change the color palette when you want and update the look of your property. If you are wondering how often to paint your house, some factors affect the timeframe for how long a paint job can last including weather, extremes in temperature, and the quality of paint used. Signs your home’s exterior needs painting include:


Dry, Cracked or Bubbling Paint

Paint is your property’s first line of defense against the elements, and when your paint job is out of date, problems such as dry rot, wet rot or even mold have the potential to create costly issues. If you paint the house before paint chips appear, there will be minimal preparatory work needed such as scraping away flaking paint or replacing rotten wood, the lack of prep work, in turn, lowers the cost of painting the home.


Faded Color

UV rays from the sun fade darker hues faster than lighter paint shades. When choosing an exterior paint color, make sure it is UV resistant. Beige paint can fade into the pink hue you never wanted in a matter of weeks under intense sun exposure. If your home shows paint fade on the side of the residence with little to no sun exposure, this is often a sign this area of the home has an issue with water intrusion or the vapor barrier has problems. Have this area inspected by an expert before painting to ensure there are no leaks.


Choose a Quality Paint

When it comes to the exterior of your home, never invest in cheap paint unless you want to revisit painting your home much sooner. Good quality paint will stand up to weathering and give you years of service before repainting is needed. While oil-based paints dry slower than latex, they tend to hold up better. If you have chosen a latex paint and your home is currently painted with oil-based paint, it will need to be removed before painting as latex does not adhere well to the surface of oil-based paint and reacts by peeling off.


How Often Does an Exterior Require Painting?

The average home should be painted every seven to ten years. However, this depends on the geo-location of the house and the type of exterior materials or cladding covering the property. The painted surface of cement fiberboard siding lasts typically anywhere from ten to fifteen years until it requires repainting. Wood siding needs painting every three to seven years on average, and extremes of heat, cold or intense sunlight has the potential to degrade the paint and require repainting sooner.


Some homeowners choose to paint their vinyl siding. There are a few pitfalls with this decision. First, standard latex paints tend to not adhere well to the surface of the siding resulting in an unfortunate result. Another consequence is some vinyl siding reacts to being painted by warping. If you choose to paint your siding, it is crucial to find a paint that can expand and contract with the siding as temperatures dictate.


Boost Curb Appeal

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for increasing the saleability of a home. If a new front door is not in the budget, consider painting the front door in a color that either accents or contrasts for the exterior color of the home for an eye-catching pop of color.


Pro-tip for homeowners with Stucco: it is a given that stucco requires patching or crack filler during its service life on a home exterior. Perform any necessary patches or repairs before repainting the exterior to avoid streaking or deviations in color.


If You Plan to Outsource the Task

Get a few estimates from professional painting companies and be sure to ask if they are licensed and bonded. Also, ask for references, and if they are listed on Yelp or another review site so you can look at actual experiences, other clients have had to assist in choosing the right fit for your painting job.


No matter what the exterior of your home is constructed with, keeping the exterior paint in good condition through regular maintenance, inspection for signs of fading or peeling and repainting as necessary will assist in keeping costly secondary issues at bay. Learn more

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